A good make up artist can make your skin look amazing for one day, but add a basic skin care routine in the mix and you can sport a glowing complexion from day to day too.

We all know that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is the magic mix for plumped, hydrated skin, but what else can work wonders?
Start with a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and veg with nuts and seeds thrown in for good measure.

In terms of skin care, cleansing your skin morning and night and following with a moisturiser to suit your skin type is a good starting point. But, to up your game try adding in an exfoliating treatment. We love PIXI glow tonic for a fresh complexion in one sweep.

Choosing your primer and foundation is a factor too, and we select your foundation to suit your skin type and preferred level of coverage. Opt for dewier finishes if your skin tends on the dry side and a matte finish for oilier skin types.

And why not treat yourself to a course of facials as a pre wedding treat! There’s no better time to do so!